About the WelSTROM Coastal Project

The data supplied to the WelSTROM system is from the database maintained by the Georgia Department of Public Health. This data is compiled by the 155 counties using the Environmental Health Information System (EHIS) for their operations. DPH supports general public consumption of the data and graphics supplied by the SGRC, but any data request beyond the capabilities of the WelSTROM system must be directed to DPH via the Public Health Information Portal (PHIP).

This project was prepared by the Southern Georgia Regional Commission under the EPA Section 319 grant project to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Coastal Resource Division. The data used in this tool was compiled from numerous previous studies and sources that are described in more detail in the document listed below. The data, statements, findings, and conclusions derived from this tool do not necessarily reflect the views of DNR, EPA, or any other entities that provided data.

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